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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pour Your Heart Out: A Bonk On The Head

A Bonk On The Head

I bonked my head about two weeks ago. I know what you are thinking, yea and? Every time I bonk my head....wait for it....I end up pregnant. It is the ONLY time I bonk my head! Ever! Let me back up and explain.

About three months after my husband and I got married I was at work like any other day. I was speaking with another teacher and a child had crawled behind me and I stepped back slightly, lost my balance and fell backwards. I cracked my head on the ground so hard I saw stars. After a trip to urgent care and the hospital for an MRI(?) and having my head thoroughly examined, it was determined that there was nothing there. However it appeared to have knocked loose my uterus or something because two weeks later I ended up knocked up. (My husband had been told by two different doctors that he was sterile. So we decided we wouldn't actively try for kids yet, but we wouldn't prevent either.) Imagine our surprise when we got that positive test!

Fast forward two years. The week before, I had found out that we were expecting our second child. Again I was at work (different state, different work), I had rushed over to the infant room from the toddler room to find the bathroom because I was having trouble with the morning sickness and there was no adult bathroom in the toddler room. You had to go outside to travel between the two rooms. As I was headed back to the toddler room, one of the infant teachers called me back to tell me something. I turned back right as I stepped on the door mat, which just so happened to have a layer of ice between it and the ground outside. Down I went! And yep, you guessed it! Bonked my head. My husband teased me THE WHOLE pregnancy "Maybe we are having twins." (God has a sick sense of humor! Just keep reading.)
Fast forward three years. I was, again, at work(funny about that), and bent over to pick up something on the ground near the wall. As I came back up I cracked the back of my head on the subwoofer that was attached to the wall. I cracked my head so hard I nearly blacked out. Again, off to have my head examined and again, nothing was found. Two weeks later I had a miscarriage.

Fast forward to last year. I randomly hit my head on the car as I was trying to buckle my daughter into her car seat. At this point we know that hitting my head, while a joke and coincidence the first two times, obviously means something's up because it happens EVERY TIME and ONLY then. So we laugh but carry on. Later that week I decide to take a test to get it out of the house because it has been laying around for awhile and I didn't want to just throw away an unused pregnancy test. Well, hello in there! Yep, you guessed it! Pregnant again! We were ecstatic. A little nervous being that we had miscarried last year but we figured that was just a fluke. I miscarried at 8 weeks.

Fast forward a month after second miscarriage. Suspected that I was pregnant. Took a test that showed up negative. Randomly cracked the back of my head getting back in the car after taking the test and knew the test had to be wrong. Tested again 3 days later, bing! Positive! Proceeded to end up hitting my head several times in the following week or two. Funny enough, I was preggo with twins. We spent much of the pregnancy excited, nervous and scared as hell. Hubby spent the whole pregnancy trying to convince me the sonograms were showing a third hidden baby.

My twins are just barely three months old as of this last Monday, and my husbands thought triplets would be funny when I was carrying my twins, and God has proven to have a sense of humor.

I bonked my head about two weeks ago...

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